How to revise mathematics ?

This is one of the most general question asked by many people

There will no particular method to read ,revise etc .. it depends on the individuals . but there are so many students who were always in confusions even though they are good and brilliant students, this is for those who are in confusion about how to revise ?

Now I will split the question

  • What are things to be remembered day before the exam?

    (A).All trigonometric formulas of 1 puc, which is very important to solve problems in calculus( diff, integrations, complex numbers etc.. ) write down or recall all the formulas with out seeing the book( formulas).

(B). Write down necessary steps or if possible derivations ( conics,circles, complex no., groups,integration etc..)

(C) Write down or remember the procedure to solve the problems on Cramer’s rule,caley hamilton theorem, triple,cross, dot, product, to find the modulus,amp of a complex no.,De moivre theorem, n th root of a complex no ,applications of derivatives, etc..if possible solve 1 problem on each.

    (D) revise the formulas of integration, differentiation, and all the   topics .


    1. Is there any need to solve the problems once again that u have worked out?

    Ans: Don’t solve all the problems,solve only some standard problems  and try to  recall the  method of answering the problms, and try to solve 1  or 2 problem or different type of problems  from each topic .

    2. Which are the topics that are to be given extra care?

    Ans: Matrices and Determinants, Conic section ,integration, circles,groups,and topics that u r not well confident, (Read the article on first page of Most likely questions in mathematics given in this site.)

    3. Is there any need to solve the past papers day before the exam?

    Ans: Answer is both yes and no, but remember most of pu math problems are from past papers or similar type of problems,so if have time just once again go through it ( maths tutor by bosco )

    4. I have prepared for 60 marks ? shall I read for another 10 -20 marks? Is it possible ? will it be helpfull?

    Ans: If u r prepared for 60 marks ,  make it perfect , then go for extra chapters . But remember it Is bit difficult and our suggestion is don’t study any new topics,  u may loss u r confidence, that’s why Don’t try or read  any new topics the day before the exam.




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  • Rakesh  On April 22, 2009 at 3:43 am

    very best for preparing our exams. veryyyyyyy veryyyyyyy thaxs

  • MANJUNATH  On March 19, 2010 at 2:22 pm


  • Manish jogi  On March 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm

    Great job by the lecturer’s.It is helpful for all karnataka pu student. I request to continue your delicious job for more years with more suggesions,,
    thank you .. All

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