HOW TO ATTEND EXAMINATION BY RAVISHANKAR N, Lecturer in Chemistry, Govt.PU College, Sagar

Inevitably exams have become a compulsory norm for the evaluation of knowledge acquired by a student. These exams are a mandatory for the lakhs of students who appear in them every year. In such a scenario, everyone wants to success. Success in these exams brings immense glory and confidence to the individuals, besides giving them a clear cut break into the career line of their choice. Keeping this background in mind, let us explore what it takes to succeed in these exams particularly at the undergraduate level.

You are all motivated students and given sufficient number of hours of your time in studies. I hope all of you are familiar with your subjects syllabus and mastered the material given by the lecturers with an appropriate ‘Study Strategy’.

By this time you might have collected your admission ticket from your college office. Handle it carefully. Go through the instructions given in the admission ticket thoroughly. If there is any discrepancy in offered subjects, name …etc. bring it to the notice of the Principal and get corrected. Note that the examination date and subjects are not in order. For your convenience write your offered subjects and dates along with time in a particular order in a separate sheet and keep it. This helps you to avoid any confusion.

The Night Before the Exam.

At this point, you should have studied all of the relevant topics and associated problems. The night before the exam should be used for a quick review of the more important topics. Chemistry cannot be learned overnight and any attempts at cramming the work will only result in more anxiety during the exam. Have enough sleep in the night. Get up early in the morning. Go through very important Points again as for as possible. Have a comfortable breakfast and enough water. Make sure that your simple calculator can perform all required operations, and preferably replace batteries with a new one before the exam. Carry a bottle of water along with good pens, pencil, scale, calculator, writing pad….etc.

On the examination day

Be there in your examination center half an hour earlier than the scheduled time. (be careful regarding traffic jams in cities ). Make sure of your seating arrangements. After first bell, enter your room and sit in your place. Carry a writing pad necessarily as some time desks provided for you may not be clean and in better shape. After second bell you will be given question paper. You have 15 minutes to read the question paper. Read the directions carefully and go through the question paper thoroughly. You will get an idea of paper. Don’t be panic if you feel it is tough. After 3rd bell you will be allowed to write answers. Work first on the problems or questions you think you can answer correctly. Leave the problems you are very uncertain about for last. In this way, you will ensure that you receive credit for what you know and also you will elevate your confidence level to help you tackle those problems that you find challenging.

You have to manage your time in an efficient way. First answer question in required number in each part. Then only go for writing answers for extra question. Try to show clearly each step you take in solving a problem so that you can check your work more efficiently. After you solve a problem, make sure that you calculated the required quantity and that your value is reasonable. you must be selective in writing answers for extra question. A student who is having a normal speed of writing may need nearly 2 hour and 30 minutes to write answer s for required no of questions. You must attend or write answers for extra questions In the remaining 15 min. you have got still 15 minutes remaining time. Read the answers once and underline the imp. Points in 7 or 8 min. At the end write question numbers of questions that you have not attended.( some time you may get the benefits of marks for out of syllabus question if it is there in your question paper). Finally recheck the reg. no. written, additional sheet no. total no. of pages written and fill the appropriate columns. Make sure that the tag that you have tied is strong enough to hold all the sheets and correct. Hand over the paper to the invigilator. Take your belongings particularly admission ticket with out fail.

Remember, if you have given your best during the last 1.5 – 2 years, you need not fear anything. Ultimately, only effort and not the result is in your hand. Rest is your destiny or luck. So go ahead, give your best and leave the rest !

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